Reviews + Testimonials


"I have been using Gold Medal CBD tinctures and capsules for a couple years now and I am so grateful I discovered this company. Their products help me (an elite athlete who also works a high-stress full-time Engineering job) sleep and recover so I can perform at my best. Before using Gold Medal products, I used to have restless sleep and nightmares almost every night; however, my sleep quality has improved significantly and my daily energy levels have increased. I was initially skeptical about trying CBD, but these products work--and they work REALLY well.

Gold Medal products are free of solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and contain 0.00% THS, which is incredibly important to me as an elite athlete. I highly recommend trying Gold Medal products -- you won't regret it!"

Kelly Catale, Pro Endurance MTB and Mental Health Advocate | Women’s Cycling

"Having raced at a high level when I was younger, it taught me to push the limits of my body. As I got older, I foud it harder to push myself to limits I was used to because my recovery just wasn't there. After I started using Gold Medal CBD products, I found myself able to push the limits of my body because I was recovering better and faster!

And with no THC it gives me the peace of mind not only for testing while racing but also with work. Hands down, the best products for what I need!!!"

Fred Stanage, Master's National Champion Track Cyclist.


"I am a competitive cyclist and regularly tested for performance enhancing drugs I use Gold Medal CBD ointment since it is THC free, It to helps take off the edge of the soreness after those extra hard workouts. Our 4 month old puppy going through his teething stage seems to have less discomfort with Rover Relief treats. Pretty good stuff."
- Kurt, S.

"I started using Happy Horse Hemp two months ago for some anxiety issues my horse was having with a few of his surrounding areas. I tried so many other calming products and nothing worked. I give him 1 1/2 table spoons and it has changed everything! He is still the same sweet low key horse but the hemp has taken his anxiety away when we ride. I highly recommend this product!"
- Jenny, I.

"I am a cyclist with nerve issues in both hands. I have been using the Gold medal CBD salve on my hands since mid October and the pain has become much less. I don't want to have surgery and this seems to be an answer to avoiding the knife. A friend just had cervical spine surgery and I gave him my jar of the salve and it helped cut his post surgical pain way down. From a 10 down to a 7."
- Patricia, A.

 "My puppy was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia shortly after adopting her. Bonnie saw my posts on Facebook and asked me to try her on Rover Relief. I decided why not, we couldn’t do surgery until she was full grown and the poor thing could barely walk, let alone play, without crying in pain after minimal exercise. Well, what a difference they have made! Shortly after she was able to run & play and even jump onto our bed! I am AMAZED at the improvement CBD has done for her. Both myself and my baby girl can not thank you enough for helping ease her pain & give her back her puppyhood! I’ve now gotten my girlfriend to put her aging boxer on them, with amazing results, and neighbor who just started them on her 10 year old German Shepard, who after just a week has noticed a positive change!" - Robin, I.

 "I suffer from arthritis all over my body, a herniated disc in my back and holes in the tops of both tibia bones. I have been in pain for years but am allergic to most narcotic medication, so I have just learned to live with the pain, taking huge amounts of ibuprofen. I have been looking for something more but I'm also very sensitive to medications and do not want to feel drugged. When I learned about the extra filtering process that Gold Medal CBD uses to remove all the THC I was sold on the idea. With just the daily use 10mg I felt relief from my arthritis the next morning! Now twice daily, I am back to using stairs but even better, I am off the ibuprofen. My headaches are gone and my hands are pain free. I am a sign language interpreter so this is a big plus for me. I love how there is no interactions with other medication I am already taking, I do not feel foggy, in fact more focused and no hang over feeling in the mornings. I'm about to reorder. Thank you for making such a great product." - Terri, J.

"I am seeing great results with Gold Medal CBD Muscle and Joint Relief. Sore joints and tired muscles are just a fact of life for Masters athletes. The balm rubs in smooth and without any overpowering odor." - Bob, F.