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  • I am a competitive cyclist and regularly tested for performance enhancing drugs I use Gold Medal CBD ointment since it is THC free, It to helps take off the edge of the soreness after those extra hard workouts. Our 4 month old puppy going through his teething stage seems to have less discomfort with Rover Relief treats. Pretty good stuff.

    Kurt S. Avatar
    Kurt S.

    I am a cyclist with nerve issues in both hands. I have been using the Gold medal CBD salve on my hands since mid October and the pain has become much less. I don't want to have surgery and this seems to be an answer to avoiding the knife. A friend just had cervical spine surgery and I gave him my jar of the salve and it helped cut his post surgical pain way down. From a 10 down to a 7.

    Patricia A. Avatar
    Patricia A.

    I am seeing great results with Gold Medal CBD Muscle and Joint Relief. Sore joints and tired muscles are just a fact of life for Masters athletes. The balm rubs in smooth and without any overpowering odor.

    Bob F. Avatar
    Bob F.
  • I refuse to use NSAIDs, Opioids "codones", or Corticoids to treat pain or injuries... the side-effects are just not worth it for me. CBD is an essential option for any athlete or age grouper trying to keep their old(er) body humming along. I've been using Gold Medal for about a month and I love it! Try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

    Henry S. Avatar
    Henry S.

    Our senior dog Daisy (13.5 years) has been taking the Rover Relief chews at night, to help aid in nighttime anxiety, and some old age pain relief, as well as epilepsy symptoms. Since taking them, she's much calmer and more relaxed at bed time, and sleeps better, and her pacing has drastically reduced. The CBD does not interfere with her other medications, and only acts as an additional source of relief for her. Plus, she thinks their just regular cookies and would eat the whole container in one sitting if she had her way.

    Missy Marie E. Avatar
    Missy Marie E.

    Capsule form has been great. Small pill size and it has help combat sleeping issues I’ve had for months!

    Kyle K. Avatar
    Kyle K.

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