Frequently Asked Questions About CBD & Our Website

A. Because every individual reacts just a bit differently to the compounds found in hemp, there is no “standard” dosage.

CBD products come in all sorts of delivery systems… tinctures, gel caps, bath soaks, topicals, and edibles, each delivery system will be processed by your body at various rates and efficacy.

With that said, it is common practice to recommend using the least amount of CBD you need to achieve the desired effect.  This would be easiest using a tincture, which comes with a dropper so you can gradually increase your dose until you reach the desired effect.

If you’re not comfortable using a tincture, or simply do not like the sensation of oil under your tongue, using a low dose gel cap can be a great way to get started.  

We’ve seen clients use as little as a few milligrams per day, and others needing to use up to 100mg per day to achieve their desired effect.

There is no need to take more than necessary. It is a waste of money, and occasionally clients have report negative effects from taking too much - such as stomach discomfort, increased anxiety or insomnia.

A. Our products are made from Organically Grown Industrial Hemp. You can find all product ingredients on each product page on this website.

A. Storing at room temperature is best for tinctures, and topicals. Depending on your climate, Gel Caps can be refrigerated to prevent sticking, but it is not necessary.

A. Like dosage, results also vary by individual depending on many factors including your metabolism, if you have taken CBD before, and the severity of your symptoms. Using tinctures and gel caps, many people feel relief within a week or less. However, we suggest taking our products for a full month to really get the full benefits. Consistency is key. Consider CBD to be more like a vitamin than an aspirin. Topicals, such as our Muscle & Joint Relief Salve and our Hydra Hemp, take effect very quickly, usually within minutes!  

A. No. You will not get high from taking CBD products that are free of THC, like Gold Medal CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. CBD works to help with anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain via receptors in your body through a system known as the Endocannabinoid system. So CBD can relax you, but will not make you high.  For more on CBD, go to our 'What Is CBD Anyway?BD Anyway?' page.

A. Symptoms and personal preference will guide you. Choose a topical to get fast relief from aching joints, muscles and bruises. CBD taken orally will typically give relief to a broader array of symptoms, for a longer period of time. Tinctures are generally faster acting than gel caps or edibles. Gel Caps and edibles generally last a bit longer than tinctures. With a tincture, you can meter out very small doses. Gel Caps and edibles will have a specific dosage per unit. Find out more on our page CBD EDU.

A. CBD is labeled by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). However there are some considerations that must be made with certain pharmaceuticals. Always consult your physician before beginning any new supplement. For more information on CBD drug interactions, click here to read our blog post on this topic.

A. The most common side effects are dry mouth, possible drowsiness and gastrointestinal issues. 

A. Cannabis plants have more than 120 active organic compounds – CBD and THC are only the two best known. Products made from CBD isolate, ONLY have CBD in them. Broad-Spectrum products have many more of the compounds found in the natural plant. A 2015 study showed broad spectrum CBD had increased ability to provide greater levels of relief versus CBD isolate.

Gold Medal CBD is an organically-grown, zero THC, broad-spectrum, hemp-based, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil.  

A. Hemp and marijuana are both the same plant: cannabis sativa. The main difference is that industrial hemp contains less than .3% THC. Any cannabis plant containing more than .3% THC is considered marijuana.

CBD is an isolated compound which chemically is the same no matter where it comes from.

All CBD products available for sale without a prescription, are sourced from Industrial Hemp.

Gold Medal CBD products contain all of the other beneficial compounds found in the industrial hemp plant, but none of the psychoactive THC.

Yes. Please contact our Customer Service for assistance. 

A. There is no harm associated with taking CBD, and the substance is safe to be used on children. In December 2017, the World Health Organization made it official.  After conducting its own research into CBD, the WHO stated it found no adverse health risks to using the cannabinoid. 

Here’s what the WHO stated in their study:

“To date, there is no evidence of the recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD,”

A. Absolutely! Our Exclusive Rover Relief™ can help your canine friend with the following issues:

• Separation
• Anxiety
• Arthritis
• Chronic Pain
• Sleep
• Skin Conditions
• Epilepsy & Seizures
• Gastrointestinal issues (IBS)
• Brain/Neurological Dysfunction
• Nausea
• Tumors
• Infections

Find all our Rover Relief products here. 

A.  YES! Cats benefit from CBD in the same way dogs and people do. Follow the same application or dosing instructions on each of our Rover Relief™ products and be sure to speak to your cat's veterinarian for more support regarding CBD for your kitty. Shop your cat's CBD remedies on our Rover Relief™ page. 

A. Yes! Give the gift of 100% THC-free CBD here

A. We happily accept all major credit cards. At this time we are not linked to Apple Pay or PayPal. 

A. Find all information related to our returns and exchanges on the Customer Support page. 

A. You can find all our shipping details on the Customer Support page. 

A. Great question! We offer a wonderful affiliate program as well as wholesale opportunities. Take a moment and submit your information on either page and someone with our sales department will be in touch. 

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