About Us

Karl & Bonnie's Story

One of our Gold Medal CBD founders, Bonnie, a life-long fitness instructor, has lived for years with pain from arthritic hands and debilitating back pain from herniated discs. Bonnie's co-founder and life partner Karl, is an Elite US Amateur Masters cyclist who struggles with arthritic joint pain and anxiety. Both deal with excessive exercise induced inflammation.

Neither Bonnie nor Karl wanted to continue to take NSAIDS on a daily basis as a way to address their chronic inflammation, knowing the negative effects on the kidneys and heart. Additionally, Karl could not take the risk of testing positive for banned substances during a National or World Championship level race.

So what were they to do
to find a solution?

The remedy to their physical and emotion ails is Gold Medal CBD. Born from the desire to have a trusted, reliable, clean source of CBD capable of delivering all of the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD - without the presence of THC.

As you may know, CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp plants. Logically our source of CBD needed to be from industrial hemp versus marijuana, as marijuana is naturally low in CBD and high in THC, and hemp is high in CBD and low in THC. For a cannabis plant to be labeled industrial hemp, it must contain <0.3% THC.

We know that not all hemp is created equal… and not all CBD is the same. That’s why Gold Medal CBD products contain only organically-grown Colorado hemp.

100% vertically integrated

Our manufacturing is 100% vertically integrated – so there is complete control from seed to shelf. We use rigorous quality controls which allow us to deliver the best products with reliable potencies and purity and NO THC.

While our manufacturing process starts with a proprietary strain of Industrial hemp already naturally low in THC, another proprietary extraction process removes the last bit of THC, leaving 0.00% in the final product.