What the Science Tells Us

We know now that CBD definitely delivers impressive results when it comes to treating pervasive conditions like joint pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

But what about athlete performance? Can CBD make any trackable difference?

According to Healthline, recent research suggests that CBD aids in relieving pain and reducing inflammation, which is beneficial for athletes participating in intense exercise like competitive cycling, marathon and ultra running even pro swimmers and golfers are raving about the recovery wins from CBD. And while THC is also used to treat pain, it may cause unwanted side effects and has been know to affect athletic performance.

A report from the WHO (World Health Organization) tells us that THC-Free CBD does not have the potential for misuse or dependence — unlike other pain-relieving substances often prescribed by the medical community.

And remember, when you're new to CBD we recommend starting with a low dose, 20 to 40 mg a day for your first week, then increase the amount by 5 mg., upping your dosage until you feel the benefits of the CBD treating your symptoms. and we suggest not to use it before your athletic competition or workout until you're 100% confident in the affects against your performance, which at that point you may discover your CBD not only aids in your recovery, but can also quell those pre-competition stress and anxiety jitters too. No worries here, the World Anti-Doping Agency 100% permits the use of CBD for athletes.

According to BIKE MAG, 2020 preclinical animal studies and clinical trials with non-athletes, researchers found that CBD could help promote both physiological and psychological as well as biochemical benefits that could help athletes. A key factor in this was found directly linked to CBD’s ability to alleviate inflammatory pain linked with tissue damage, and neuropathic pain due to nerve irritation or damage. This could be a game changer for action and endurance sport athletes who are subject to high-intensity and impact movements as well as repetitive and long-distance workouts that can lead to inflammation and irritation or injury.

And to dovetail with the benefits of reducing pre-competition anxiety, anyone who's considers themselves an athletes and for active people too, getting adequate sleep is crucial so the body has time to heal on its own. An exhausting day day should normally put an athlete to sleep easily but pre-existing sleep issues or heightened stress levels may lead to a struggle getting to sleep at night. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to regulate mood and even behavior similarly to pain, helping you stay active during the day and get a good sleep at night.

So no matter the sport, workout or fitness vibe you're into, Gold Medal THC-Free CBD is by far the #1 choice of athletes for all the amazing reasons we've shared today. Whether it's our gel caps, tinctures or topicals, we have created a high-quality, broad-spectrum line of the very best in 0.00% THC CBD on the market.

Until next time, train hard and recover harder.

As shared, some content in this blog post were originally written on Healthline.com and Bikemag.com. Photos of GMCBD sponsored athletes Kelly Catale and Ashton Lambie courtesy of their individual Instagram profiles.