How are those New Year’s weight loss resolutions going?

Historically, you have already wavered on those New Year’s resolutions. Did you know the second Friday in January is the biggest day for resolution failure?

So with that in mind, let us give you a bit of hope and some help as well!

Quitting never gets you there faster.

First, don’t beat yourself up. Change is hard – and maybe you made resolutions so hard that you were destined to fail from the get-go.   Having reasonable, time specific, measurable goals to start is how you succeed.  If you can’t reach them, nor measure them… you can’t progress.  Because once you reach goal number one, you can set up for goal #2! 

For example- I want to lose 20 pounds should be broken into 2.  I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 4 months.  And once you reach that, you can set up the next goal- I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 3 months… or whatever you choose.  The point is, having reasonable, measurable time specific goals are the only way to achieve anything… weight loss or otherwise!

So, you fell off- guess what?

Just stop, re-set, and think differently this year.  ASSUME 100% compliance is not possible.  Once that is established, you no longer need to worry if you “fall off the wagon”.  It’s now just part of the process!

Seriously, just because you slipped up once, doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel for the rest of the year!

GET BACK ON THE HORSE. Continue as if nothing happened. Allow yourself the grace to “slip up” and keep going!

Better Choices 85% of the time.

No matter who you are, 100% compliance is impossible, and typically not a heck of a lot of fun.

What you want can be comfortably attained and more importantly maintained, with just around 85% compliance. That doesn’t mean 85% compliance for a week or a month… that means 85% compliance forever.

And too many people have a false sense that once they lose the weight they can go back to eating “normally” as they did before.  Well, I hate to break it to you, but it simply doesn’t work that way, and the sooner you understand that the better. 

For example, you can have ice cream even though you are trying to lose weight or get healthier.  But you will need to eat the correct portion size only once or twice a week. This will hopefully prevent you from eating the entire half gallon at once because you freak out and binge.

You can’t out-run your fork… ever hear that one?

Permission to pig out is NOT granted after a monster grueling workout session.   Food is not a reward here- but fuel. 

Getting healthy and losing weight comes from 85% proper nutrition and only 15% working out and moving.  Some experts would argue that and say closer to 95%/5%!  But you get the point…

Don’t try to go the gym every day and workout for hours at a time. This is not sustainable for most of us and will only lead to burnout and injury, and it won't really give you that huge calorie burn you're looking for - sorry.

Making regular visits to the gym are great, but it’s about consistency in movement.  So at home workouts with just bodyweight and walking/running around your neighborhood can be a great way to get moving and burn some calories, and clear your mind.  You don’t have to make time to go to the gym and eat up hours of your day…

And remember if you miss one session… don’t sweat it.  85% compliance will get the job done.  Just get back on the horse.


The ability to maintain or regain focus in the face of all the noise of daily life is necessary to achieving your goals.

To focus you need to keep anxiety to a minimum. You can’t necessarily stop stress in your life, but you CAN change how you react to it.

And nothing helps you focus and recover like a good night’s sleep.  This is when the recovery and repair magic happens.  Get in a healthy sleep routine and stick with it to achieve the best possible results.

And of course, without proper focus and recovery, fitness gains and weight loss won’t be happening. 

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