Gold Medal CBD & UCI Pro Cycling Team Announce Sponsorship Deal

Team Skyline

The UCI governing body has approved the use and sponsorship of CBD (cannabidiol) by a Continental Professional cycling team. SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, April 14, 2021 / — Gold Medal CBD, a US-based CBD company, and Team Skyline, a UCI Continental Professional cycling team, announced a new sponsorship deal that will see Gold Medal CBD provide Team Skyline racers no-cost access to their CBD products.

This sponsorship provides currently active Team Skyline team members various products offered by Gold Medal CBD. This agreement will be active during the 2021 UCI race season.

“As a CBD company founded by cyclists with our focus on purity and efficacy, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see our product reach it’s intended audience, elite level athletes in search of better performance through recovery” said Karl Baumgart, co-founder of Gold Medal CBD. “While we’ve sponsored elite level individual athletes in the past, such as World record-setting track pursuit cyclist Ashton Lambie, this is our first sponsorship of an elite level team.”

With the noise and chaos that exists in the current CBD marketplace, Gold Medal CBD has remained quietly under the radar as a pure play on CBD, providing only the highest quality products from one of the top CBD farms and suppliers in the US.

The synergy is well positioned on the health and wellness front seeing Team Skyline has an off-the-race scene presence focused on the education of the public on the challenges of Type 1 and the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. With active team members who race with type 1 diabetes on their squad, Team Skyline not only educates off the bike, but inspires others with Type 1 Diabetes by racing on the bike at the highest level of sport.

“As I’m well into my twilight years of racing as a professional at the age of 42, I find the healing and recovery effects of CBD help me tremendously competing against guys half my age,” said Ryan Dewald, founder, and racer for Team Skyline. “So Team Skyline is thrilled to work with a premium CBD company for the 2021 season”, he continued.

The goal of the sponsorship is to not only show the value of CBD as a high-performance supplement that assists with recovery; but also to provide a team of this caliber (on and off the bike) the ability to benefit during their racing in hopes they can compete at the highest possible level.

About Gold Medal CBD

Gold Medal CBD was founded in 2018 with the mission to bring the purest forms of CBD to the athletic audience and dispel the negative connotations often associated with cannabis products. The company’s products are 100% THC free yet retain the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes found in the entire industrial hemp plant. Co-founder Karl Baumgart has used his own products in assisting him in winning five (5) USAC Masters National Championships as well as six (6) UCI Masters World Championship silver medals.

About Team Skyline

Team Skyline was founded in 2013 by Ryan DeWald, owner of Skyline Bicycles in Mt. Penn Pennsylvania. Diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes at age 34, Ryan created the team to help continue his racing career while spreading his message as an inspirational athlete on how to live and compete at a professional level with a debilitating health condition. The team is comprised of Type 1 diabetic and non-diabetic athletes.