Getting Back to 'Normal'

Normal. Post-COVID insanity, what exactly does that look like?

Getting Back to Normal Post-COVID

With America vaccinating people at a good clip, it’s starting to feel like we could get back to normal-ish life soon. And of course, we all want an end to the pandemic that has taken so many lives.

But many of us are also feeling anxious about returning to normal, having realized that our pre-pandemic lives contained a lot that we’re better off without.

According to a recent article on Vox, when asked if they were nervous about the return to normalcy, nearly 100 people responded with a resounding “yes.” They’re worried about the awkwardness of re-acclimating to social life. They’re worried about returning to commutes and office work that added to their stress and chipped away at their quality of life. And they’re worried about returning to a new normal that looks much like the old normal — one whose flaws the pandemic threw into sharp relief.

Here at Gold Medal, we are all about giving our customers and readers the benefit of natural, THC-free CBD products to aid them in their pursuit of calm, but we also believe a few trusted tips can go a long way to guiding back to sound, restful Zzzzz's.

Get enough sleep and keep regular hours.

Just because you are working from home with no commute, don’t feel like you can stay up all hours of the night and get up whenever you want. Keep regular hours – go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up with an alarm as usual. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This will help maximize the magic of sleep overnight, and your body will thank you.

Stay on track with your nutrition.

Regular meal times are important, even if you're someone who' currently into intermittent fasting or you're leaning down for a competition. Avoid snacking all day by eating proper meals at the proper times. It’s really easy to feel like this time is an extended vacation, and overeating goes hand and hand with that. Do some planning since you have a bit more time. Shop and prepare meals. If snacking is a must, have plenty of healthy options available and make sure you’re watching your portion sizes!

Water, water and more water.

Did we say water? Seriously though, adequate hydration helps with focus & performance, as well as keeping you from snacking mindlessly. Aim for 6 or more 8 ounce glasses of water a day. And if you’re exercising vigorously, make sure you're using an electrolyte supplement, they'll do wonders for keeping you in balance.

Daily exercise is vital.

It doesn’t have to be a lot, especially if you are new to exercise. A short walk, a couple of flights of stairs, some sit-ups, stretching and yoga are great options as well! Just get some movement in, then do a bit more as time goes on. Before you know it, you’ll crave that me-time.

Don’t forget your CBD and other supplements.

Gold Medal CBD Products

Again, staying on your routine is important. CBD works best when you are consistent in its use. CBD can help you deal with all this additional anxiety, it can help improve your sleep, and it can also help with inflammation which is the root cause of so many health problems.

Thanks to Vox for the intro to this post, you can check out their full article here. Shop all our 0.00% THC CBD products here.