It started with a personal need…

Gold Medal CBD was born of a need for a reliable, clean source of CBD capable of delivering all of the benefits of full-spectrum CBD, without the risk of the presence of THC.

One of our founders is life-long fitness instructors who struggles with chronic hand and back pain.  And the other is an Elite US Amateur Masters cyclist who struggles with arthritic joint pain and anxiety… who cannot take the risk of testing positive for THC during a National or World Championship level race.  (THC is banned in cycling competition)  So a pure, reliable source of CBD with 0% THC became a must.

CBD itself comes both from the marijuana and hemp.  So the source of the CBD needed to be from hemp, versus marijuana as hemp naturally contains very little THC.

Even though industrial hemp contains only 0.3% THC, we needed to find a source which removes the last bit of THC, leaving 0% in the final product.

After trying a few of the bigger name brands on the market, we spent the next year testing a variety of products from various sources.

We know the best products start with the best ingredients. We also know that not all hemp is created equal… and not all CBD is the same. 

Gold Medal CBD uses only organically-grown hemp which is sourced at our Colorado farm that is 100% vertically integrated from farm to shelf, and uses rigorous quality controls allowing us to deliver the best products with the highest potencies and purity.


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