5 Tips To Help Your Pet With Firework Anxiety!

There’s a good chance that anyone owning a dog, horse or cat will find themselves dealing with some level of anxiety response during the 4th of July festivities.  It may range from a little “off” behavior, to full blown shaking, loss of bodily function and/or even seizures! 

Below we’ve assembled 5 solid tips to help you and your fur covered friends better deal with the upcoming celebrations.

Tip #1 – Confinement

This tip may seem counterintuitive, but believe it or not most pets enjoy having a safe place to hide.  If you’re pet has a favorite bed or even a crate, this could be the best place for them during active parties and fireworks. 


Don’t run out and buy a crate if you’re pet isn’t crate trained or used to living in a crate; it may back fire and cause even more stress!  Instead, think of confining them to a smaller room to help ease their stress. 

And it’s ok if your cat sneaks off to a dark corner of the closet too… it’s their way of dealing with the stress.

 Tip #2 – Positive Noise Distraction

Think sound machine… except you don’t have to go out and buy and expensive sound machine for your pet.  And even if you have not been using noise conditioning until now, you can still try using a distracting noise to help cover up the booms and pops of fireworks.  

Think about placing a radio or bluetooth speaker on the floor near your pets safe place or bed and let some calm and/or classical music flow. Turn the music up to a reasonable volume.  Make it loud enough to drown out party sounds, but not too loud to be annoying to your pet.

I’m pretty certain our dog likes the TV on.  If that’s the case for your pets, make sure to get a show on that they like to watch.   


Tip #3 – Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

If you normally exercise your animal pals, make sure on the day(s) you’ll expect noise to get them out for some extra running around.  If you have cats, run them ragged with some toys.  It will help set the stage for a calm mind prior to it getting too stressed out.

A little extra play time always helps calm the mind!


Tip #4 – Shower Your Pet With Love

If you’ve heard you need to ignore your pets anxiety for fear of encouraging it with attention… throw that out the window!

Put yourself in their shoes… how you would want to be treated if you were feeling that level of anxiety? Would you want to be ignored and brushed aside?  No matter how calm they seem or not, make sure to give them some extra time and attention – take yourself away from a party to visit in with them… and if you’re sitting home avoiding the rowdy noise and can’t escape it- now is a great time to offer some extra petting and cuddling. 

If they’re calm, offer them some extra treats at those times for positive reinforcement; and try to speak calmly and softly to show them by example everything is alright!  Simply remember that our pets, just like us, can be high strung and may always require some extra TLC during rough times like these.


Tip #5 – Use a High-Quality CBD Product (Early & Often)

As you’ve probably hear by now, CBD is being used to help both humans and animals in reducing stress and anxiety.  If you’ve not used a CBD-infused treat or CBD tincture for your furry friend yet, now may be the time to give it a go.

Here’s the catch… you may need to start NOW to get CBD in their system and allowing their bodies enough time to know how to use the compound.  We’ve had clients share that it takes minutes for CBD to help their pets, and others are not so lucky.  Some use just a single dose to get their best friend calm and cool… and others require a larger dose. 

That means you’ll need to test out CBD to see how quickly it will work for your pet… AND how much they will need to get them where you want.  And if you currently use CBD for your furry friend, don’t be shy on a high stress day to increase the dose.

The good news is CBD isn’t something you or your pet will overdose on.  So try it out in advance of the coming holiday to get the timing and dose down… you’ll be glad you did it in advance!

To get started check out our line of Gold Medal CBD Broad Spectrum products, including our beef-flavored Rover Relief soft dog treats, our Happy Horse Hemp pellets, and even our natural or peppermint flavored tincture (if you’d prefer to dab some on their own treats or food).

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