3 Tips for maximizing the benefits of CBD

Tip #1

Use CBD Regularly

The number one piece of feedback we receive from clients that don’t think CBD has done anything for them is the same.  

“I tried it a few times and it didn’t do anything for me”

But after a couple of quick questions it becomes clear they have taken CBD as they would take an NSAID or other “as needed” item.  And while that is a perfect approach for using the topical salve, systemic benefits of CBD requires it is consistently in our bodies.  

The biggest benefits of CBD will come with regular use once your body learns how and what to do with the compounds.  Taking it when you have some pain or other issue may work, but it’s not going to work like that for most people.  


Tip #2

Take the Right Amount of CBD

Other customers we get feedback from ask if they’re taking the correct amount.  And our answer to that is simple, there is no standardized amount for everyone.

CBD works uniquely in everyone, and that includes how much CBD is right for each person to realize the benefits they’re after.  Why you ask?

Well, it’s like any other genetic variable; everyone has different concentrations of  endocannabinoid receptors in their bodies.  Just like we have different amounts of slow twitch or fast twitch muscle fibers, different genetics for hair color, eye color, etc… we all have different quantities of CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Are you looking to address pain, inflammation, sleep, anxiety, headaches?  How many receptors you have, and their accessibility, play a role in how much you will need to accomplish these needs.

That is frustrating for many people used to western medicine and the standardized dosing they suggest for everyone.  Some big pharma products may be adjusted for body weight, but others are just the same amount for everyone- no questions asked.

CBD doesn’t work that way.  Someone small may use more than someone twice their size.  Someone sedentary may use more than someone very active, or vice versa.  

That said, many of our customers report great results using the 10mg Gold Medal CBD gel cap either once or twice a day.  Some need it 3 times per day.  Some customers use one of the 25mg Gold Medal CBD gel caps just once per day; others more.  

On the other end of the spectrum, we have customers take the Gold Medal CBD tincture and use just a few milligrams worth of active product, say 3-5 drops at a time.   We’ve heard people take that much 4-5x per day, and more.  Again, it’s all very personalized.

There is no hard and fast answer… so that’s why you need to try taking different amounts of CBD to see how much works for you.  Don’t give up to quickly, what may not be working best for you now may simply be corrected with a tweak to how much you’re taking.

Tip #3

Play with your CBD timing

The last tip revolves around finding the perfect time of day to take CBD.  A number of our customers are looking to use Gold Medal CBD as a sleep aid, and have taken it just prior to bed thinking it’s a sedative.  And that ended up being a mistake.

While CBD can help lower stress and anxiety, which does lead to improved sleep; CBD is not a sedative.  In fact, every brand of CBD may vary in its effectiveness and potency.  For example, the feedback we have received shows our hemp’s profile tends to increase focus for a high percentage of customers.  

With that said, taking it right before bed may be too distracting for some and may prevent you from falling asleep quickly.  But taken earlier in the day may be enough to calm the mind and not preventing you from getting a great night’s sleep.  Others have told us they have no problem taking it right before bed.  

Again, CBD is a compound your personal physiology will handle uniquely.  So finding the best time(s) of day to take CBD is just as unique.   

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