Gold Medal CBD Press Release

Gold Medal CBD Press Release

October 5, 2018

Press Release-

Nearly a year in the making… we are proud to announce the launch of our new supplement company- GOLD MEDAL CBD™!  We are “The Athlete’s Choice ~ 0% THC”.

CBD is a dietary supplement used to support and assist in alleviating many symptoms.  Pre-clinical testing shows that CBD positively supports people with anxiety disorders, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD, and social anxiety.  CBD also helps reduce inflammation, relieve arthritic pain, and supports recovery from exercise, as well as improve sleep.  All of this without the negative side effects of pain meds and/or big pharma drugs.

Many of you may have heard about CBD, or have a conception that CBD is the same as marijuana- or THC.  But in fact, Gold Medal CBD™ is derived from organically-grown industrial hemp which naturally has only 0.3% THC.  All Gold Medal CBD™ products have all the THC removed, leaving the remaining beneficial terpenes present.  Gold Medal CBD™ products are 3rd party tested for purity.  No residual solvents or heavy metals, so you can use with confidence.

Unfortunately, the CBD marketplace is full of low-grade CBD, import products, mis-labeled products, and products that simply don’t contain the amount of active ingredient (CBD) that the label states!

Gold Medal CBD™ is grown and manufactured in the USA and is sourced from organically-grown Colorado hemp.  Our products contain only 100% full spectrum CBD and are 3rd party laboratory tested for quality and purity.

We’re so confident that Gold Medal CBD is safe for use in competition that we had our co-founder, Karl Baumgart, using the product in July during the 2018 USAC Masters Track National Championships. Immediately upon winning the Men’s 45-49 Kilo he was tested for PED’s and banned substances by USADA.  Below is the test results letter from USADA, you can see the test results came back negative indicating our product truly is safe to use in competition.

For more information, or to purchase Gold Medal CBD products, please head to www.goldmedalcbd.com, or contact Bonnie Baumgart at 480-442-4213.

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